Qigiong Fundamentals: Week 9-12

Qigiong Fundamentals: Week 9-12

This 4-week course is part of the broader 12-week introduction to Shaolin Cosmos Qigong, a course that will establish the foundations for practicing high-level Qigong safely and effectively on your own so that you can reap the benefits of this great practice.

This is for people who cannot commit to the whole 12 weeks course.

While it will not have the full progression provided by the 12-week course, attending 4 weeks will still offer you the possibility to acquire the fundamentals as set out below.

What You Will Learn

Over 12 weeks, students will be gently guided and supported as they develop the foundational Qigong skills of:

  • Entering Wuji (a relaxed yet alert state)
  • Generating energy flow
  • Letting go
  • Entering stillness

Foundations are critically important in any art. Consider for a moment it is the depth and quality of the foundations that are needed to enable a skyscraper to safely soar majestically into the sky.

While this course focuses on foundation skills, do not misunderstand this to mean basic or dumbed-down. While the course is totally suitable for beginners, it develops the fundamental skills that will pave the way to realising the extraordinary benefits of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong.

Students will also gain an understanding of the history and philosophy of Qigong as well as develop their skills in:

  • Relaxing at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels
  • Entering higher states of consciousness
  • Focusing and clearing the mind
  • Applying skills and techniques to generate different levels and qualities of energy flow
  • Generating energy flow for thematic and holistic benefits
  • Entering stillness, or Zen
  • Applying Qigong skills in daily life for increased health, vitality, and longevity

Who is this Course for?

This course is suitable for anyone; from complete beginners who have never heard of Qigong (but like the sound of it), practitioners of other martial and spiritual disciplines, sportspeople, business people, therapists, healers, those who are healthy, and those who are sick, through to advanced students of other martial arts and other styles of Qigong.

If you have read this far and the course description has resonated with you at all, it means it’s worth finding out what it’s all about.

Who this Course is Not For

While benefits can start to appear even from the very first session, if not within days and weeks, achieving some of the amazing benefits requires regular and consistent practice. Let’s be completely honest and transparent. Is there any art, discipline, or practice that doesn’t need regular practice?

In our experience, it is worth it. Just fifteen minutes a day is all it takes to build momentum and start to create a positive transformation in body, energy, and mind.

We want to provide our students with skills that we know will impact their lives for the better.

If you typically attend a class once a week and don’t practice between classes, then this course probably isn’t a good investment for you. While you’ll be informed, educated, entertained and you will undoubtedly enjoy yourself, you won’t reap the profound benefits that justify the course fee.

However, if you are open to it, we challenge you to really commit to the process for just 12 weeks, to GO ALL-IN and practice at least once a day at home. If you can commit to this, you will really benefit from the changes that will take place. And that’s the way you’ll know whether Qigong is for you.

Course Format and Logistics

This course consists of 12 one-hour classes, intentionally designed with specific objectives in mind.

It builds week by week, with students practicing what they have learned in their daily home practice. This provides the greatest opportunity to share students’ learnings, discoveries, and experiences, and to answer any questions about any aspect of their practice and development.

Course Schedule

The course will take place on Tuesdays between 7pm-8pm at:

St. Gabriel’s Church
Tewkesbury Close
RG24 9DU

Course Dates

See Classes page for details.


Qigong does not require any special clothing or equipment. We recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing and flat shoes and bringing some water to stay hydrated.


The course fee for the 4-week bundle is £80, payable in advance.


We offer a 25% reduced fee for pensioners, students, and those on low incomes.

Please contact us to apply for this.

Additional Benefits

Students also get access to a private WhatsApp group where they can post Q&A as it comes up, rather than wait for, and more often than not forget, what they wanted to ask in class. They can also use email if their question is of a private nature.