The Natural Way to Health and Vitality using Energy: Shaolin Cosmos Qigong Foundation Skills Course

This course is a set of 1 hour classes over a period of 12 consecutive weeks.

Why Attend this Course?

At the end of this course students will be able to apply the techniques and more importantly the skills of Qigong safely and easily on their own in their daily life, so they can start realising the extraordinary benefits of Qigong, which can include:

  • Restoring the body’s own innate healing ability
  • Developing increasingly strong physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
  • Increasing vitality for life
  • Building energy levels for use throughout the day
  • Feeling happier for no specific reason at all
  • Becoming more resilient to, and increasingly unaffected by stress
  • Enjoying a clearer mind and better focus
  • Performing better at whatever you do
  • Being able to relax more deeply
  • Enjoying better quality sleep
  • Eliminating toxins from the body
  • Enhancing longevity for a long active life
  • Developing agility and flexibility
  • Increasing levels of presence and awareness
  • Experiencing wonderful emotional states such as inner peace, happiness, freedom and joy

What is Covered on this Course

In this 12 week course, students will be introduced to and assisted in developing the essential core foundational skills of Qigong, namely:

  • Entering a Qigong state of mind
  • Generating an energy flow
  • Entering stillness

Students will gain an understanding of the history and philosophy of Qigong as well as how to:

  • Relax at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level
  • Focus the mind
  • Enter a higher state of consciousness
  • Apply various techniques to assist in generating energy flow
  • Generate an energy flow inside the body
  • Enter stillness, or Zen
  • Use the skills in generating energy for better health, vitality and longevity

This course provides the essential introduction to the foundation skills of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong. It is the core entry level course for practicing Shaolin Cosmos Qigong, regardless of whether you have practiced other forms of Qigong in the past.

Foundations are critically important in any art, and arguably in any endeavour. For example, it is the depth and quality of the foundations that enable a skyscraper to soar majestically and safely into the sky and reach the heights they do.

As such, we regularly refer back to the foundation skills when practicing Qigong in class because they are just so important. If we wish to reach the heights in our Qigong practice we need to establish the right foundations. Just because these skills are called foundation skills, do not misunderstand them to be basic, or beginners level. These fundamental skills are essential to realise the extraordinary benefits of Shaolin Qigong at whatever level you practice, and they are continuously and consistently developed throughout your training.

Course Format

This course runs in a class format over 12 consecutive weeks, with each class lasting 1 hour.

Students are expected to implement what they have learned and practice on their own throughout the duration of the course. We recommend students practice at home between classes for 10-15 minutes twice per day for best results, both in the morning and the evening, but at a minimum, students should practice once per day. This will provide the best opportunity to learn from direct personal experience, have practice questions answered and receive support tailored to the student’s individual needs and development.

Students also have email access to their instructor for Q&A, access to an online discussion forum and comprehensive online material from the Grandmaster of our school.

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