About Us: Sifu Matthew Wood

Wonderful Benefits

Since he began training in Qigong, Matthew has experienced a positive transformation across all areas of his life. He has personally experienced many of the benefits genuine Qigong claims to offer. He also realises that the more he practices, the deeper and more profound these benefits will become.

Health and Vitality

Matthew has noticed his health steadily improving over time, becoming less susceptible to illness – including seasonal colds and flu – to the extent that he is rarely ill nowadays.

His posture has improved and he now stands much more upright.

Matthew used to wear orthotics to correct flat feet and over time he has been able to stop wearing these and still maintain a good posture.

One priceless benefit Matthew has noticed is his ability to relax more deeply and stay relaxed throughout the day. The daily stresses that used to bother him no longer affect him. He is able to remain calm, free from stress and relaxed under demanding and stressful conditions. He has developed emotional stability and resilience he never had before, which is incredibly useful in today’s stressful world. When he is occasionally knocked off balance, he can return to a place of balance and equanimity quickly and easily.


Matthew feels fitter and healthier than he has ever done. He has found himself naturally making different choices about the food and drink he consumes.

The weekend cigarette in a social setting became unecessary. He practically gave up alcohol without any special focus.

All this occurred without “trying” to achieve anything, it has just happened naturally.

While he can’t prove longevity – yet – his general health is a great indicator, and his recent full health assessment shows he’s in good shape.

Peak Performance

Generating a lot of good quality energy is extremely useful for daily life.

In the past, a hard day at the office might have left Matthew exhausted. Now he has plenty of energy for work, home, and play.

Having a lot of energy creates a clear mind and ability to focus, leading to better performance in whatever we do. This isn’t to say that Matthew is always the best at what he does, but he is always able to do HIS best, and that’s important.

Expanded Awareness

Without “trying” to do or achieve anything, Matthew has found himself becoming more aware – more self aware, in relationships, and opening up to the wonders of the Universe.

With awareness comes choice over how we respond to life, and this has enabled Matthew to improve the quality of his relationships. It has brought about greater love and compassion in his life – for his family, his friends and the World in general. It has also expanded his world view and perspective on life.

Matthew believes that we live in an expanding Universe and the expansion of Consciousness is fundamentally linked to human evolution. Humans are at the leading edge of that expansion and own personal evolution is an important contribution to the expansion of Consciousness as a whole.

Expanding awareness has led Matthew to practice Zen meditation, become a Reiki Master energy healer, a ThetaHealer® and a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® techniques and Hypnosis. He is a dedicated life long learner with the attitude of a beginner’s mind.

Spiritual Cultivation

Matthew has noticed that Qigong has acted as a catalyst for an internal exploration into the nature of life and his part in it. It continues to lead towards a better understanding of the Self, our spiritual essence.

Qigong benefits our personal spirtual transformation, whether we have faith and find the spiritual teachings come alive, or we have no specific beliefs and just experience more connection to life.