Grandmaster Wong Kiew KitOver the course of my Qigong training, I have experienced a profound and positive transformation across all areas of my life. I have genuinely experienced the full range of benefits the art claims to provide, which are health and vitality, longevity, internal force, mind expansion and spiritual cultivation, regardless of race or religion. I also know that the longer I practice, the deeper and more profound these benefits will become.

Health and Vitality

Since practicing Shaolin Cosmos Qigong I have found my health improving steadily over time. I became less susceptible to colds and flus, to the extent that nowadays I am rarely ill.

My posture has improved and I now stand much more upright than I did.

I used to wear orthotics to correct pronation in my feet, and over time I have been able to stop wearing these and still maintain a good posture.

I noticed that I am able to relax more deeply and remain relaxed throughout the day. This alone is an amazing benefit and worth its weight in gold!

Possibly the most impactful of all benefits has been the ability to remain calm, free from stress and stay relaxed under demanding and stressful conditions. I have developed an emotional resilience and stability I never had before, and this has been incredibly useful in today’s demanding world. I now feel healthy and vital, relaxed and focused by default. When knocked off balance, I can return to a place of balance quickly and easily.


Although this has yet to be tested fully, I feel fitter and healthier at 50 than I have ever done. I found myself naturally making different choices about what I was consuming and participating in.

The weekend cigarette at a social setting wasn’t enjoyable any more. I reduced and practically eliminated alcohol consumption without any specific focus. Food choices have become naturally and easily more healthy. All this has occurred without “trying” to achieve anything, it has just happened naturally. While I can’t prove longevity – yet – my general health is a great indicator, and my recent “well man” assessment shows I’m in great health.

Peak Performance

“Internal force” is a result of the quality and amount of energy flowing around our system, and it is extremely useful for daily life. In the past I may have been exhausted after a hard day at the office. Now, my energy levels have risen such that I have plenty of energy for life – at work, at home, and at play.

The increased energy is not only useful on a physical level. It has the effect of developing mental clarity, leading to peak performance in whatever we do. That’s not to say that I am always the best at what I do – but I am always bringing forth MY best, and that’s important to me.

The development of internal force has also had a positive impact on my emotional stability and resilience, my ability to relax, to remain calm and bounce back from the curveballs of life.

Expanded Awareness

Without “trying” to do or achieve anything, I have found my awareness expanding. This includes personal awareness, as well as inter-personal and intra-personal awareness, opening me up to the field of energy in which we all live.

With awareness comes choice over how we respond to life, and this has improved the quality of my relationships. It has brought about greater love and compassion in my life – for my family, my friends and the world in general.

It has also evolved my world view and my perspective on life, and this continues to expand.

Whether we give it the label Mind, Awareness, Consciousness or something else, I firmly believe that we live in an expanding Universe and the expansion of Consciousness is a fundamental part of human evolution. I believe we are at the leading edge of that expansion and our own personal growth is an important contribution to the expansion of Consciousness as a whole.

This expansion has led me to practice Zen meditation, become a Reiki Master energy healer, an Advanced ThetaHealer, to training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis, and more recently in Bone Yoga. My reading list is broad and long. I am a dedicated life long learner with the attitude of a beginner’s mind. The more I learn the more I know how little I actually know!

Spiritual Cultivation

Although baptised, I never actively practiced a religion and used to consider myself agnostic. Coming from an environment where one parent was an atheist and the other disliked their religious upbringing with a passion, I considered this position fairly open minded, all things considered.

Without looking for it, I found that Qigong acted as a catalyst for an expanding internal exploration into the nature of life and my place in it. I have been opened up to my own personal exploration of what spirituality is, in the truest sense of the word, without any religious frameworks or connotations to limit the journey. I have found resonance in the teachings of masters of many different faiths without having to represent only one.

I know plenty of people with faith that find their teachings come to life through the practice of Qigong, and I also know people with no specific faith that gain significant health benefits Qigong offers, and experience a greater level of connectedness with life.