Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is the fourth generation successor of Venerable Jiang Nan from the famous Shaolin Monastery in China, and Grandmaster of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute of Kung Fu and Chi Kung.


He received the “Chi Kung Master of the Year” Award during the Second World Congress on Chi Kung held in San Francisco in 1997.

He has practiced and taught the Shaolin arts for more than 3 decades and has more than 60,000 students in 35 countries on all 6 continents all over the world.

Where many masters refused to teach Westerners, Sifu Wong has done so for nearly 3 decades. His command of the English language is excellent. Furthermore, he openly shares closely held secrets, previously reserved for emperors, generals, monks, and “inner chamber” disciples.

For many years Sifu Wong has been traveling the world, teaching Kung Fu, Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), Qigong and Zen in a demanding annual schedule.

He is the author of several recommended books on the Shaolin arts and Buddhism. He is a prolific writer, not only as an author but also sharing his knowledge, wisdom, and experience on the Shaolin Wahnam Institute discussion forum, answering questions on the Shaolin arts from students and the general public.